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Centralized PDF of all Passages
January 11, 2008, 4:25 pm
Filed under: Cassie Edwards Investigation

I realized recently that all the information we’ve uncovered regarding the Cassie Edwards situation is scattered all over the place. Granted, Sarah and I have been pretty good about keeping that little header bar updated, but it’s still a pain in the ass to click all over when all you want is to specifically see which books have been looked into, how many passages we’ve found, how the passages compare, etc.

So I created a little Word document and converted it to PDF to track this little controversy. It is also available for download here: CassieEdwards.pdf

It’s by no means complete yet–I’m still waiting to hear from two people about a few books they’re researching, and I might’ve forgotten to include one or two titles. Also, none of the links are clickable, as I’m working from my laptop and my Acrobat Distiller isn’t working properly for some reason; once I have access to my desktop (where my Acrobat behaves just fine), that will hopefully be remedied. As it stands, however, what we have are:

  • Seven Cassie Edwards novels: three from Signet, one from Topaz, two from Dorchester and one from Zebra, ranging in publication date from 1983 to 2007
  • Fourteen outside sources: thirteen of them non-fiction, one of them a collection of short stories
  • More passages than I care to count at the moment
  • And a paaaaartridge in a pear tree

Let me know if you spot any mistakes, have any questions or want to make suggestions on how to make it more usable or readable.


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